Nation of Islam (NOI)

The Nation of Islam (NOI) began in Detroit’s black ghetto during the 1930s depression. The NOI was influenced heavily by the racial ideology of Marcus Garvey (1887–1940) who was a proponent of black nationalism and pan-Africanism.

The NOI and associated groups (along with some other groups with similar black-nationalist teachings) are often referred to as Black Muslims. In spite of this, many Sunni and Shia Muslims do not consider the NOI, or any of the movement’s offshoots or associated organisations, to be Muslims. However, offshoots led by Wallace Deen Mohammed are an exception to this. The movement was originally known as the Temple of the Lost- Found People of Islam, additionally referred to as Temple No.1, but they soon changed to the Nation of Islam and went on to establish Temple No.2 in 1934.