NEW Inform Seminar 24/11/2018: Health and Healing in Minority Religions



Exploring a range of religious models of health and healing and practices of preventing and curing ills of body and mind. Many minority religions provide their members with a comprehensive worldview in which beliefs and practices concerning health and healing are incorporated in religious beliefs. Perceptions of body, mind and soul, and their relationships are intricately entwined with a supernatural or transcendent realm.

At one end of a spectrum, there are religious traditions that consider the body a temple and who consider maintaining its health through lifestyle and diet a form of worship. At the other end, there are those who consider the body inferior to the spiritual or cognitive realm, and not of primary importance. Then there are those who believe in possession of the body by evil spirits to be a source of illness, and there are those who believe in ‘faith healing’ and associated practices. Some of these positions will be explored at this seminar, which will include presentations by academics, academic researchers, and members of Christian Science and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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